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The Rival series is a revised approach to NERF by Hasbro.


Rival's key selling point is in its ball projectiles. These ammunition fly faster, straighter, and therefore more accurately towards its targets, achieving a new level of realism in NERF games.


The target audience are mainly youths and adults.



*Disclaimer: The NERF logo(s), brand(s) and all related designs and illustrations belong to Hasbro 

Our Blaster Stock for Rent

Our stock is selected based on the reliability and durability of the blasters, as well as their role in a mixed-play battlefield, aiming to prove the best experience for our customers.


Perses Box.jpg

The PERSES is a battery-powered flywheel blaster. It is fastest shooting "Automatic Rifle" of the series, with a respectable ammunition capacity. They come with rechargeable batteries and therefore perform better than models that use disposable batteries in terms of lifespan and power! 

We recommend:

In a standard game of 5 v 5, one team should be at least one player holding onto the PERSES, providing suppression fire from behind the lines for teammates while they inch towards the enemies.

Youtube review of PERSES

Hades box.jpg


The HADES is a strong "Assault Rifle" length blaster with a handsome capacity of 60 rounds and dishes out serious damage to the opponents at medium range. The rifle is cocked and primed for fire via the front grip - the most ergonomical design in our opinion. The HADES also supports SLAMFIRE, allowing higher rates of shooting (depending on the user of course). 

Youtube review of HADES

We recommend:

In a standard game of 5 v 5, one team should have at least two players holding onto the HADES. These players are the main damage dealers of the team aided, with its large capacity, The wielders should be the most accurate firers of the team, taking down the largest number of opponents with their firepower.

Youtube review of ARTEMIS


Artemis Box.jpg

The Artemis functions very similarly to the HADES, but is smaller and more easily wielded, with a capacity of 30 rounds. It is the staple "Footsoldier Rifle" and is for the commandos of the team who weaves in and out of the frontline quickly 

We recommend:

In a standard game of 5 v 5, one team should be at least 2 players holding onto the ARTEMIS. These are the playmakers - or "Daredevils" - who rush straight into enemy lines and deal damage quickly and stealthily gets out before the opponents notice it.

Youtube review of HELIOS


The HELIOS is a side-charger blaster that fits both left or right hand players. Roughly the same size as the ARTEMIS, HELIOS is the only blaster in our inventory that carries magazines! With the magazine, the HELIOS brings a different play style to the game and is an effective "Footsoldier Rifle" similar to the ARTEMIS!


We recommend:

We provide both the standard 7-round magazine that comes with the blaster PLUS an extended magazine! If you prefer using magazines instead of loading the rounds directly into the blaster, this is the perfect blaster for you. In a standard game of 5 v 5, HELIOS will be a great blaster interchangeable with the ARTEMIS!

fixed blaster selection

Our selections are fixed to provide a well-rounded game experience


4 v 4

  • 2 x Perses

  • 2 x Hades

  • 2 x Helios

  • 2 x Artemis


5 v 5

  • 2 x Perses

  • 2 x Hades

  • 2 x Helios

  • 4 x Artemis


6 v 6

  • 2 x Perses

  • 4 x Hades

  • 2 x Helios

  • 4 x Artemis

Add $30 to package price to free up your selection. choose from our entire available inventory!

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