*Disclaimer: The NERF logo(s), brand(s) and all related designs and illustrations belong to Hasbro 


With NERF LASER OPS PRO, Hasbro's NERF brand is putting traditional laser tag arenas to the test!

*The NERF logo, brand(s) and all designs and illustrations related to the brand(s) belong to Hasbro 


NERF Laser Ops brings to homes what laser tag arenas offer, with MUCH lesser hassle (where helmets, vests, etc. are typically needed in an arena). The blasters can be directly coupled with your smart phones to create a seamless virtual experience - from Score Leader boards, to blaster modifications - the app has it all. In our opinion, there are many reasons why this is BETTER than Laser Tag Arenas!!

the blaster



The DELTABURST is one of 2 designs NERF released for the LASER OPS PRO series. DELTABURST is designed to be reminiscent of a futuristic an assault rifle - the barrel, rail guards, and long butt stock allows the user to handle the blaster just like a rifle.

This is the available model at Hired Guns.

blaster features


The lighted LED display on the spine of the blaster is incredibly well designed. It shows you 2 pieces of critical information

1. Number of BULLETS you have left

2. The amount of LIVES you have left

Not bad for a NERF blaster eh?


The orange "bolt" you see in the picture is a moving feature on the blaster. It jolts front and back when you fire the blaster to simulate recoil! The blaster also vibrates and produces clear sounds to tell if you've hit, or have been hit!


The sensor module to detect hits is very sensibly put right above the shooting lens - making it extra difficult for players to cheat (SHAME! SHAME!!). It also makes the game much more interesting - you've got to catch enemies trying to shoot you!


The Blaster comes with a clear lighted indicator to tell someone if you belong to the RED or BLUE Team. It also allows you to play FREE FOR ALL games when everyone adopts the PURPLE light.


Having a laser blaster does not mean you get to have unlimited ammunition. The slam button near the barrel of the blaster reloads your blaster and gets you back into the fight!


Pairing your blaster to the app lets you:

- Maintain Scoreboards

- Track performance

- Level up your blaster

- Engage Augmented Reality (AR) mode!

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