How to Play

1,2,3. It’s really simple.


1. Location

A good location the size of a basketball court can fit 10 players snugly. You can scale the space to your requirement. Parks and void-decks make for awesome free space which you can utilise (Why not?). We have also painstakingly listed suggested public parks where you can have your fun in “Where to Play” section!


2. Blasters

Now you’ve found a place, rent our blasters!

Or use your own if you have enough of them (including bullets)!

Either way, it’s going to be a blast (pun not intended ;)).

Rental of above 8 guns from us entitles you to extra bullets, props, as well as accessories that you can use freely to help spice up your games!


3. Play

You’ve found a place, all-set with your guns, now what?

Fret not! If you’ve rented from us, we would have included our very own Gameplay Manual; complete with instructions and illustrations to help you organize exciting games such as Capture the Flag, Dynamite!, Protect the VIP, and many more!

Remember, Nerf is all about having fun and making friends, so play nice, follow the rules, and you’ll have a ball!

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