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The NERF ELITE Series is the NERF cornerstone - the bright blue and orange blasters are almost iconic to youngsters across the globe.

The NERF ELITE Series shoots soft foam darts - relatively painless projectiles that can fly up to 30 meters!

*Velcro is not available until further notice


*Disclaimer: The NERF logo(s), brand(s) and all related designs and illustrations belong to Hasbro 


With Velcro

Our Velcro Vests

Our Velcro Vests are made to be free-sized. Simply put it over your head and tie up the sides - voila - all ready for a game!

The vests provide a felt surface on which the darts' "hooks" can latch on to and covers the full front and back torso. Coloured running lines along the shoulders provide clear identification of team!

Not Available

Our Blaster Stock for Rent

Our Elite blaster stock is selected for 2 reasons.

1 - COMPATIBILITY: with the modification of the darts, magazine-based blasters do not work well and jam very often. We decided to go with front-loaded barrel blasters only

2 - VARIETY OF PLAY: We want players to indulge in different roles in a NERF fight - Skirmisher, Ranger, Assault, Sniper, etc. This makes NERF battles a strategic endeavor rather than a simple shoot'em-up!


Asset 1mdpi.png

The FLIPFURY is an agile blaster reminiscent of the standard STRONGARM. But with 2 barrels.

That's right.

With double the capacity, this Zombie Strike series blaster makes short work of the opponent up close - perfect for a Skirmisher!

We recommend:

In a standard game of 5 v 5, one team should be at least TWO players holding onto the FLIPFURY. The wielders should have nerves of steel - running in at close range to maximize the dexterity of this blaster!

Youtube review of FLIPFURY


The STRATOBOW is the fun blaster that simulates carrying a bow-and-arrow into a gun battle (just like Jack Churchill did in WW2). It features a draw-and-release action that makes you feel like a proper Ranger 

Youtube review of STRATOBOW

We recommend:

This is a blaster that depends on your inclination for game play. It is definitely a perfect fit for those who like to try out unique experience. It promises intrigue without compromising function (who WOULDN'T want to be Legolas??).

Asset 1Stratobow.png


Asset 1Surgefire.png

The SURGEFIRE is the backbone of the velcro dart system. It is ridiculously sturdy AND ergonomic, with a charging handle that lays comfortable on the bottom front of the blaster. It can also support Slamfire - dishing out darts quickly to lay waste to the opponent.

No team should go into battle without Surgefires

We recommend:

Youtube review of SURGEFIRE

In a standard game of 5 v 5, one team should be at least 2 players holding onto the SURGEFIRE. These players are the key assault members of the team, providing strong mid-to-long range fire to take out the opponents!


Youtube review of REGENERATOR

We recommend:

This is another blaster that depends on your inclination for game play. For those who have a cool head in the heat of battle (and knows how to ration ammo for that one shot - one kill opportunity), this blaster will be your go-to weapon!

Deviating from the NERF line, we are introducing the REGENERATOR from X-SHOT. The REGENERATOR uses a cartridge system which allows velcro darts to be used. It's designed to imitate a long-range rifle, and is a must have for aspiring Snipers-to-be

Asset 1Regenerator.png
Asset 1Crusher.png


The CRUSHER from X-SHOT is another velcro-friendly blaster that changes the game play mechanics greatly! With a massive 35-round capacity on CHAINS (YES YOU HEARD RIGHT, CHAINS - IT'S A CHAIN-GUN!!), you can realize your team fortress dream of becoming the HEAVY GUNNER of your team!

Youtube review of CRUSHER

We recommend:

This is yet another blaster that depends on your inclination for game play. This weapon lays on strong suppression fire with 35-round ammunition chains. To maximize the experience, each blaster will come with 2 chains for quick reload!

fixed blaster selection

Our selections are fixed to provide a well-rounded game experience


4 v 4

  • 2 x CRUSHER 

  • 2 x FLIPFURY



5 v 5

  • 2 x CRUSHER


  • 2 x FLIPFURY



6 v 6

  • 2 x CRUSHER



  • 2 x FLIPFURY


Add $30 to package price to free up your selection. choose from our entire available inventory!

Please refer to the Home Page for price packages

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